Education City Project


Scope of work: Environmental Impact Assessment for “Education City Project”.

Client: Higher Education Department Archives & Libraries Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Location:  Mawley Khan Sarai, Tehsil Sarwakai, South Waziristan.

Project Detail

Higher Education Department has approved the Education City in areas like South Waziristan for the establishment of renowned, branded, reputed, and iconic education institutions to reshape the perverted situation of South Waziristan and its surrounding areas. The main objective is the provision of a better place of learning for everyone especially females, through sustainable infrastructure and facilities. A total of 7000 Kanal area is allocated for the Establishment of the project. The project area is planned for future development of the following land uses e.g., institutions, commercial, public buildings, Parks and Playgrounds, Residential, Apartments, Hostels, Tree plantation areas, and Roads. All current and future Environmental, Social, and biological impacts have been considered and an Environmental Management Plan has been developed to mitigate the impacts and for an environmentally sustainable future.