Master Planning of Nowshera city


Scope of work: Strategic Environmental Assessment Studies for Master Planning of Nowshera city. .

Client: Urban Policy & Planning Unit (UPU) Planning & Development Department Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (GoKP).

Location:  Nowshera city, KPK, Pakistan./span>

Project Detail

The Environmental Master Plan for Nowshera city is to make the city a leader in Environmental Stewardship and take action for the benefit of future generations. The proper environmental budget, its implementing budget, and funding agency will be identified and marked to achieve a healthy, self-sustaining environment while providing necessary ecosystem services that society relies on e.g., clean drinking, clean air to breathe, good noise levels, fertile soils, and green technologies. A strategic environmental plan will be developed which will establish standards for the city to monitor and reduce environmental impacts, and support the residents, industries, and business community. For proper implementation, the city can be resilient and adaptive to environmental challenges and improve its ecological footprint.