Master Planning of Peshawar city


Scope of work: Strategic Environmental Assessment Studies for Master Planning of Peshawar city.

Client: Urban Policy & Planning Unit (UPU) Planning & Development Department Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (GoKP).

Location:  Peshawar city, KPK, Pakistan.

Project Detail

The Environmental Master Plan (EMP) for Peshawar city is to identify, prioritize, and sets specific goals and targets for key environmental issues for the City and the community. The main goal is to set goals and targets for the next 20 years. To set the goals and targets Baseline Environmental Profiling was established for Air, Water, Noise, and Soil. Improvement of Water, Air, and Noise quality and identification and conservation of environmentally sensitive areas were carried out. The future Environmental Action Plans along with the allocated budget and responsible authority are also the part of Master Plan for Clean and Green Environment.