Scope of work:Master Planning & Infrastructure Designing

Location:Nizwa, Oman

Area: 14.4 sq. km

Project Detail

Al-HAI A’Thaqafi Master Planning Project spanning an area of 14.4 sq. km. in the Southwest of Nizwa – Sultanate of Oman. (First Smart City of Oman). Althaqafi smart city is a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and a city having a vibrant and competitive economy that is a magnet for investments, stimulates substantial employment opportunities, and transforms the region into a world-class Tourism and Cultural Hub. It provides large scale business opportunities through its industrial zone, a center of goods and services market. The residential area offers an altogether new and improved living experience, with special facilities for recreation and sports. Sheher Saaz has provided detailed infrastructure services; including construction and planning of mini dams, water and sanitation network, sewerage and drainage network, solid waste management plans; keeping in view the scarcity of water Sheher Saaz proposed a detailed rainwater harvesting plan to cater to the needs of dwellers.
  • M/s Umniyat, Real Estate