Scope of work:Concept Master Plan & Preliminary Infrastructure Design

Location: Nizwa, Oman

Area:1,500 Acre

Project Detail

Oman has been trying to become self-sufficient in the poultry industry and they have taken up several projects for such purpose, Al-Tayyab Poultry is another one of those projects which will increase Oman's self-sufficiency to 78% by producing 200,000 broiler chicken every day. The project will also enhance egg production by adding 10,000 metric tons to the current production. Sheher Saaz has provided the Sultanate of Oman with a design covering approximately 500 Acre, which, incorporates multiple hatchery and broiler sections, slaughterhouses as well as provide residential and green space for the 1500 employees that will permanently stay there.
  • Umniyat Real Estate Development and Investment