Scope of work:Detailed Architectural Designing and interior Designing of Architecture Department of University of Sialkot

                    Location: Sialkot, Pakistan
                    End Date: 

Project Detail

Sheher Saaz has designed the new version of University of Sialkot using the concepts of energy Efficiency, interactive public spaces, water harvesting and insulation to minimize electricity usage. The design divides the campus into two section, one consists of admin block, departments and university library in one section while girls, boys and faculty hostel along with gymnasium and auditorium in the other section. The main facilities include
  • 48 number of class rooms
  • Academic block
  • Conference hall
  • Faculty Hostels
  • Girls Hostels
  • Boy Hostels
  • Gymnasium
  • Library and research Centers
  • Admin Block and Parking
Sheher Saaz provided a design, which caters for solar system installment on roofs, reflective coating roofs and water conservation mechanisms.
  • University of Sialkot