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Born from a passion for crafting sustainable cityscapes, we stand at the intersection of tradition and tomorrow, transforming skylines and narratives one project at a time.

Sheher Saaz

Shehersaaz is a name synonymous with global excellence in architectural and urban planning. As we chart our journey across diverse landscapes and communities, our commitment remains steadfast in creating designs that are both innovative and sustainable. Every project is a testament to our dedication to global standards of sustainable development.

Sheher Saaz has carved an identity for itself among global design practices as one delivering future legacies to the cities around the world. We have successfully completed over “50 cities master planning projects to date, marking it as testament to our unwavering commitment to urban excellence and eco-friendly urban planning. Every Beam of success that Sheher Saaz basks in is a direct reflection of the trust it upholds of its client and the dedication of the entire Sheher Saaz family.

As we move forward in shaping cityscapes, sustainability is our guiding star. For every skyline we shape, we fulfil our promise to tread lightly on our planet, ensuring our creations not only stand the test of time but also serve as guardians of our environment for the future generations.

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Managing Director

To our valued partners, clients, and the broader Sheher Saaz family,

Welcome to Shehersaaz Pvt. Ltd., where innovation and sustainability converge in the world of architecture and urban planning. Our journey takes us across diverse landscapes and communities, driven by an unwavering commitment to shaping cities that thrive with inventive eco-friendly solutions. Each project we embark upon reflects the global sustainable development standards.

For over twenty years, we’ve been reshaping cities and communities with excellence at our core. Innovation and sustainability remains our guiding principle, harmonizing nature into every plan and architectural creation. Our success is a testament to client’s trust and the enduring commitment of the Shehersaaz family.

Sheher Saaz signifies a legacy built on the foundations of hard work, dedication, and a shared vision of a world, where progress and preservation coexist.

Join us to build a world where architecture isn’t just about aesthetics, but a bridge to future, and where every creation is a gift to both the present and the future.

Khurram Farid Bargatt (Founder)
Managing Director/Chartered Town Planner​


Creating livable futures through sustainable urbanism and green Infrastructure.


Our mission is to pave the way for habitable futures by supporting the cause of sustainable urbanization and merging it with the green infrastructure. We are committed to create the environments that not only enrich peoples lives but also help the environment.


Ayesha Batool

Chief Architect
Sustainability, ESG and Well-Being Advisor

Engr. Moeen Ud Din Sheikh

Chief Engineer
Governance & Water Management

Irum Pervaiz

Chief of Operations
Business & Finance Analyst

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What Our Clients Have to Say About Us!

Working with Shehersaaz was a transformative experience. Their commitment to sustainability and community-centric designs aligned perfectly with our global objectives. The expertise they brought to our urban development projects has been unparalleled. A true partner in progress.

Jennifer Lawrence Project Lead, US AID

In our collaboration with Shehersaaz, we found a team that deeply understands the balance between modernity and tradition. Their approach to urban planning not only fulfills contemporary needs but also respects and uplifts local cultures. An absolute asset to our international endeavors

Carlos Rodriguez Urban Development Specialist, UNDP

Shehersaaz's work is a testament to the future of sustainable urban landscapes. Their innovative solutions and forward-thinking designs have greatly contributed to the success of our infrastructure projects. Always a pleasure to collaborate with such a visionary team.

Ling Wu Director of Infrastructure, ADB


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