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Sheher Saaz (Pvt.) Ltd. provides several services that have been divided into four major categories.

Build Environment
Urban and Regional Planning
Feasibility Studies
International Development
Build Environment
Feasibility Studies
Urban and Regional Planning
International Development
Build environment

Architecture sets the city apart; it defines the character of the city. At Sheher Saaz, we ensure that our clients are entertained with unique and sustainable designs that support urban infrastructure and fulfill their requirements. Our professional architecture team ensures that the generated spaces reflect the client's vision and provide them with a sense of closure.

  • Architectural design
  • Technical
  • Sustainable building science
  • Interior design
  • 3D animation/visualization

    We at Sheher Saaz design our urban spaces with a unique blend of creativity and experience. Our experienced team of urban designers with comprehensive, imaginative, and exciting design solutions nurtured from our client’s vision. We make sure that our design amplifies the unique elements of urban spaces and maintains their long-lasting character. Our ideas are uniquely drafted and knitted with the experiences of our team members.

  • Detailed hard and soft landscape design
  • Landscape capacity assessment
  • Landscape and visual impact assessment
  • Landscape character assessment
  • Townscape assessment

    We at Sheher Saaz provides comprehensive infrastructure engineering services. Our construction and engineering team has played a vital role in some of the largest projects at the private and public level. We provide our customers with a multidisciplinary strategy that makes it easier for them to select the designs that best supports their desired result. We ensure that our infrastructure solutions are innovative, adaptive, and are a product of our clients’ vision.


    We at Sheher Saaz work to ensure sustainability through policy development and research. Embracing the importance of the provision of clean water, our team of experts is committed to Sustainable Development Goal to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. Our work at the urban and regional levels shows our commitment to the cause.

  • Water supply management
  • Urban Sanitation
  • Service Provision and Utilities

    Provision of innovative solutions and services to banking organizations in mitigating and adapting to the extreme climate change impacts by the natural, legal and social requirements of every region. Our team of environmentalists and technical specialists with the core objective of saving this planet and its inhabitants provide environment-friendly answers to development projects and their associated problems.


    Sheher Saaz is providing services for verification of layout plans, development works, and related matters for a forensic audit of cooperative Housing Societies as per the direction of FIA and the Supreme Court of Pakistan since 2017.

  • Verification of Layout Plan and related matters
  • Ensure approval of the Layout plan from the concerned development authorities.
  • Examination of approved LOP in comparison to the present situation.
  • Assessment of survey report from the officials of the concerned development authorities to identify any deviation/violation being done.
  • Assessment/evaluation of amenities and other areas as per LOP.

  • Verification of NOC issued for development works from the concerned authority.
  • Ensure PPRA rules compliance while selecting/appointing developers/contractors.
  • Assessment and analysis of running bills in line with the BOQs as per agreements.

    Provision of planning and strategic services to government and non-profit institutions to improve the quality of life in rural areas without compromising it's agriculture and forestry. With the growth of urban and city regions, our rural areas have been marginalized and left underdeveloped with little to no basic amenities. The ambition of our professionals is to bring out the full potential of rural areas and make them an equal part of our economic stream.

  • Integrated development approaches to government and non-profit organizations.
  • Rural participatory planning and development plans.
  • Tourism and recreational planning and development plans.
  • Strategic planning and policy advice for sustainable rural development.

    Provision of planning and advisory services to bolster the infrastructure and other systems to deal with the negative impacts of rapidly changing climate. Our team of experts experiences in providing solutions and advice on how any structure can be developed to improve its resilience. Using a planned systematic approach, we provide risk assessment and economic assessment along with keeping the requirements of all stakeholders under consideration.


    Making disaster and risk management an integral part of urban planning  to provide plans and structures which can withstand any unforeseen calamity. Due to natural shift in the climate, the number of natural and manmade catastrophes have been increased and as urban planners, it’s our responsibility to provide our clients with improved preparedness, risk reduction, sustainable strategies, and designs.

  • Vulnerability assessment and evaluation of building plans and designs
  • Project and program design, planning, management, construction, and supervision
  • Capacity building for government agencies and other institutions
  • GIS

    A feasibility study is conducted before starting a new project or launching a new product as a due diligence study. Here, we perform feasibility studies using an unbiased approach regarding housing, infrastructure, commercial and industrial projects to be able to identify the potential risks, market, and financial viability as well as potential opportunities. It results in the provision of strategies and solutions that are not only sustainable and resource-efficient but also environmentally friendly. 


    Every government and private organization faces a heap of challenges, limited resources, changing economic and social factors. Our adept strategic planners offer management consulting, organizational evaluation, data provision, analytical support, process improvement, and team building services to government agencies, nonprofits, and private organizations to assist them in streamlining their resources, solving strategic and organizational problems to build momentum for future actions and projects.


    Bolstering the existing and forthcoming projects in all standpoints initiated by public, private, non-profit organizations and their organizational makeups by critical and judicious assessment and evaluation. We, at Sheher Saaz, are committed to enhance the overall performance of distinct organizations and augment the outcomes of their projects.

  • Financial assessment and evaluation of projects.
  • Technical and risk assessment and evaluation of projects.
  • Digital, paper, and personal assessment.
  • Quality and Impact assessment and evaluation.

    Driven by a genuine need to address and solve issues such as poor health facilities and poverty, that affects the globe all together, we, as social entrepreneurs, aim to enhance the growth of the social and development sector in Pakistan which has become the third largest and significant sector after agriculture and industry. Promoting inclusive growth with the commitment to removing all social barriers and improving the well-being of every individual in society in terms of health, education, water, and sanitation, etc. so they can reach their full potential. Our team of social development professionals works by investing in people and towards enhancing the quality of life, social cohesion, and social accountability.


    Every project is a unique and transient endeavor, undertaken to achieve certain planned objectives and every such project requires a skilled team. Our squad of project managers has a proven track record of providing wide-ranging services to our clients to make every distinct project successful according to its acceptance criteria, within an agreed time scale and budget.

  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Effort Management
  • Extreme Project Management
  • Critical Chain Project Management
  • Planning, Design, Execution, and Construction services along with assessment

    Our experts build and enhance the capacity of public, nonprofit, and private organizations to become creative, innovative and to realize their potential towards developing a sustainable environment, community, and economy. We facilitate our clients in developing a capacity-building strategy, and assist with the implementation or any follow-ups. We provide both technical and nontechnical training to organizations and non-profits along with their staff to assist them in learning and adapting to a new environment.

  • Workshop and seminar conduction
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Direct Assistance
  • Networking and Partnering