Mere Makan Main Dukan
After the deadly floods and earthquakes, more than two third Pakistanis were in urgent need of assistance. Homelessness are continuing threats to the victims of these disasters. The scope of destruction is so wide that instead of huge international donations and governmental efforts for relief and reconstruction, the situation is not healing effectively and the gap is enlarging day by day between supply and demand of houses.The Central Bank statistics revealed that now there is a total shortage of  8.8 million houses and 700,000 houses/year must be provided to cope with the increasing demand. . Especially for low-income households, there is a dearth of financial resources to build/renovate damaged and destroyed houses; this is worsened by the fact that non-sustainable methods and materials that are used continue to be vulnerable in future disasters. There is an urgent need in Pakistan towards innovative housing strategies including financial and technical assistance programs.
Project is aimed to fulfill the requirements and needs of low-income housing groups, with the durability in disasters. An affordable house design methodology was used to design alternatives of low income housing in order to minimize cost and environment impact while maximizing the entrepreneurship, self help and community development.
Project site is located in Sialkot comprising on total land area 21760 Square Feet (4 kanals), the master plan and house designs have been prepared with great consideration of locals and keeping in view their demands. Houses are designed in such a way that they will provide not only shelter but also will become source of income. We are looking sponsors to help poor and needy in Sialkot area to provide them shelters.

The main features of Project are:

1. Affordable Housing especially for low-income
2. Eradication of poverty through Entrepreneurship activities with in house
3. House designs that will improve health conditions 
4. Women empowerment through home based working areas
5.Flood resistant and energy efficient designed houses
Please send your donations to:
Account no. 4400663884881221,
Account title: Muhammad Tariq
Bank of America USA