Creating Places For People

The first meeting of the National Curriculum Review Committee (NCRC) for City and Regional Planning (CRP) Discipline was held in Nov 2016 at Lahore. It was quite a useful and productive meeting, and the outcome was a draft curriculum for CRP, which is based on the input of the committee members during the discussion, and exclusively input from members for the assigned courses. The formatted draft curricula of CRP was shared with NCRC members for further review and working.

The final meeting of HEC NCRC for City & Regional Planning was held at HEC Regional Centre, Lahore from March 20-22, 2017. All members reviewed the assigned courses in light of HEC requirements. Both the BS and MS courses are reviewed and were provided to the chair for further necessary checks before printing.

Once adopted and printed these recommendations by NCRC, all CRP Institutes will implement them at their level.


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