Creating Places For People

A lecture was organized on the 20th of May 2016 at Sheher Saaz Lahore office on “Net Zero Energy Buildings and challenges for Pakistan”, in which Mr. Waseem Shahid Malik an expert on renewable energy gave his presentation on the subject. Ms. Huma Beg also gave a presentation on green architecture and showed her her own projects made of straw-bale and examples around the world. She emphasized that staw-bale can be the cheapest and efficient way of building homes for the poor and needy in the country. She also mentioned by using straw-bale modern luxury homes can also be built. Dr. Riaz Akbar from Canada(on Skype) also gave his point of view on green architecture and asked the house to find gaps and the way forward.

In reply, Ms. Hume told that in order to proceed all we need to do is make a forum of like-minded people who are keen to work on green architecture and start taking action.

Mr. Waseem in his presentation described the practices of Net Zero Energy Buildings around the world. He also explained how the middle east has scrapped all new housing projects and asked the developers to follow a new protocol on Net Zero Energy Buildings. Mr. Waseem explained how to calculate the needs and requirements of the energy of a house and how to incorporate them into the design. In his statement, he also said that Chinese vendors have made the Pakistani market a junkyard for their products. There are no rules and regulations to check the quality of imported items in the country. He also suggested that there should be a hotline in order to check the quality and report malpractices in this sector.

This lecture was attended by the architects, planners, students, representatives from the society, developers, and academicians from Lahore and Islamabad.  Among participants were, Mr. Mushtaq Hussain Bargatt Chairman MMBT, Dr. Sohail Qureshi, Expert on Solar Energy,  Dr. Javed Iqbal DG EPA, Rizwan ur Rehman Planner, Nadeem Khursid Planner, Mohammad Shoaib Planner, Ali Haider, Syed Ejaz Hussain, Muhammad Zubair Planner DHA. Maryam Akam Electrical Eng. Saad Awan Student CS, Khaleeq Ahmad contractor, Eng Ateeq Ahmad, Eng Hassan Javed. Arch Ayesha Batool, Yasir Naseem, Arch Ayesha Farooq, Planner Affaq Butt, Ms. Huma Beg, Mr. Waseem Malik, and Mr. Khurram Farid. Dr. Riaz Akbar from Canada on video conference also participated.


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