Creating Places For People

Urban Planner, from July 24 – 27, we’re convening the largest ever group of urban resilience practitioners. This is an important moment for every city, as leaders from across our community come together to generate solutions to critical urban challenges.

These solutions impact all of us — and that’s why I’m asking for your input today. Send a digital postcard to the Urban Resilience Summit today and tell us what resilience means for you and your city.

Our work could impact every city — yours, mine, and cities that haven’t even been built yet. The summit will bring together leaders from across the resilience community to create solutions, share knowledge, and continue planning for a more resilient future.

Urban Planner, that future is for all of us, which is why we need your input. Your postcard will be shared with urban resilience leaders from around the world — to spur ideas, innovation, and creativity. Help spark and inspire the next idea to make our cities more resilient.

But the Summit is coming up fast. Send your postcard today to make sure we get it in time for the Summit:

Thank you for your participation, Michael Berkowitz
President, 100 Resilient Cities


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