Creating Places For People

A house for one’s family is one of the basic needs of the present time and millions of Pakistanis are yet struggling to put their name to their own house, something that remains a dream which will never become a reality in their lifetime.

Pakistan’s population is increasing at a rate of 2.1% annually the backlog in housing has increased dynamically and the situation has gone from bad to worst. A recent study by International Housing Finance Program revealed that in Pakistan there is an acute shortage of almost 300,000 units every year.

Housing has always been under previous governments’ agenda’s but none of them has ever given any practical solutions. Where some solutions were proposed to tackle the housing shortage – their adaptation was hampered by either lack of interest from financiers and private developers or lack of political will.

This Dialogue will examine in detail the means by which Housing Policies failed to address one of the basic needs in urban and rural areas of Pakistan. Participants will also examine the degree to which housing needs were being addressed since the creation of Pakistan, and delivery procedure, affordability, and cost of the housing they obtained.
This dialogue will focus on the following areas during this session.

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