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After passing my college I started applying in different universities with the dream of being engineer and Uet Lahore being the most economical and public sector university Was the priority. Well, I was lucky enough to get admission in City and Regional Planning in first merit list and after one week of classes I get to know its not even engineering it was moment of heartbreak anyways, I accepted being a Town planner/Urban Planner Alhamdulillah’s best decision ever. I graduated and got a Job before even completing my degree and doing great so far. But after all these years still it’s a challenge to introduce myself as a Town Planner/Urban Planner. People are always like you are like event planner and getting some more information they are like ok ok, so you are an architect and I ended up saying Yeah! And majority of my friends and Family thinks I, m an Engineer perk of UET .
So today I want to try to share with world the role of town planner in Pakistan. Town planners in Pakistan are responsible for creating plans and designs for urban areas that ensure efficient land use, effective transportation systems, and sustainable development you may have heard of Lahore Master plan we do that. Town planners working in development authorities review proposals for new developments, such as housing projects (DHA,BEHRIA) or commercial buildings, to ensure they comply with zoning regulations and other land-use policies. We promote sustainable development by encouraging the use of renewable resources and minimizing the negative impact of development on the environment. We are responsible for overseeing the management of urban infrastructure, including water and sewer systems, roads, and public transportation. Town planners engage with stakeholders such as community members, business owners, and local government officials to ensure that their plans and policies align with the needs and interests of the community. We are responsible for developing livable, environmentally sound, and economically active metropolitan areas that serve their populations’ requirements.
So, you can call Us Doctor of cities but please stop confusing us with event planners, architects and engineers. Proud of being Town Planner.
Good day!


Junaid Maqsood (URBAN PLANNER)


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